About Us

สมบัติ เต็งศรีSKT Tran Co, Ltd. is established by Mr.Sombat Tengsri in 2014 with initial capital of 5,000,000 baht. Our main business is to provide land transportation services for both domestic and international routes. The company is located on Ring road, Ban Ped Subdistrict, Muang district, Khon Kaen. Apart from land transportation business, the company also has additional businesses to support the main one, for example

◉ Truck and trailer assembly - there are 2 large factories, S.KT. Trailer Khon Kaen Co., Ltd. and S.K.T. Trailer Phitsanulok Co., Ltd.

◉ We have a maintenance workshop center for our and contractors's trucks. Our skilled mechanics are ready to help. The garage is located on Mitraphap Rd. Kok Samran Subdistrict, Ban Had District, Khon Kaen.

◉ Truck Rest Area is located on Ring Road, Ban Ped Subdistrict, Muang District, Khon Kaen. There is 3 Rai of space with accomodations such as restuarants, bath room, toilet and living room. The area can serve more than 3,000 trucks per day.

The company provides reliable services with reasonable fee according to time and cost requirements from our customer. We empahsize fast, on-time and safe services with fair and honest in mind for customer sastifaction. We recognize how important the goods is started from our customer hand until delivered at the destination by providing insurance from leading insurance company.

Today, the company aims to recruit quality staffs with exceptional skill. We also have development programs to ensure and further improve staffs's quality. We focus on quality services with good safety standard. Moreover, we have brought new technologies to increase the quality and safety of our services to meet our customer's need. We aim to create a good relationship with our customer through our motto "Excellent logistics standard, quality staffs and ready to be at services 24 hours" therefore, our vision is being achieved.


We are a new logistics company who commits to improve our services to meet international standard. We will be a leader and expert in logistics business in both domestic and international routes in 2017. We aim to reach ASEAN market in 5 years.



We are aware that customer's sastifaction is the most important matter. It will bring success to the business. The company is going to take care and responsibility to the customer we provide services for. We will try our best to understand customer's needs including problems they have. We will support our customer's businesses and response to their needs efficiently and timely.

Our policies aim specifically to these matters

◉ Provide high quality services according to or even higher than customer's needs under possible situation

◉ Provide efficient and reliable services with international standard and good manner

◉ Provide sufficient and accurate information on company's services including details for insurance and guarantees so that the customer can make a mindful decision.


Our company is aware of the importance of our staffs in every levels. Office staffs and drivers are equally crucial to the success of the organization. Therefore, every staffs have to have knowledge and skill and commit to company's goals. At the same time, the company will run business according to laws and regulations related to human resources.


Our company aims to create a safe environment for staffs, customers, goods and all parties related to the business. We will do our best to prevent accident, injury or lost of life including illness from work.

With all staffs's participation, the company will continuously gain information and better technology to eliminate or limit all possible risks in our business.

To achieve the above policy, the company will

◉ Establish clear policies and regulations on safety

◉ Provide tools and equipments related to safety to support the operation

◉ Provide seminar and workshop on safety to staffs and contractors regularly

◉ Provide timely and efficiently support in case of emergency by coorperate with related goverment agencies

◉ Follow laws and regulations including related international standards

◉ Emphasize to staffs, contractors and related parties that safety is a duty and responsibility for everyone during and after working hour

◉ Evaluate and assess all operations to acquire progress and to support compliance of this safety policy.


The company has a policy to support the environment and natural resources of near by community. They must not be affected by noise or waste from the maintenance deparment. We have a good noise and waste management system and aim to follow any laws and regulations regarding the environment. We will take a mindful responsibility to the community, the safety of air, water and near by community. Moreover, the care and preservation mind for the environment will be considered as all staffs's responsibility.


◉ Aim to provide logistic services with international standard in both safety and quality aspects
◉ Use quality vehicles that meet the needs of customer and bring information technology to develop and improve working & service processes for the best customer sastifaction
◉ Develop human resource management to meet with standard. Staffs should be qualified to support sustainable development of the organization
◉ Mindful of environment and create good relation with community and society